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old friends.

I have tons of muses I used to play over on livejournal back in the day. I just haven't brought all of them over yet.

Here's a list of them all - or at least, most of them.

The White Queen - Alice in Wonderland
Sheila - Army of Darkness MOVED!
Willy Wonka - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
The Manager - Detroit Metal City
Agent Ninety-Nine - Get Smart MOVED!
Wanda - The Ghost Theatre
Trillian - H2G2
Zaphod Beeblebrox - H2G2
Sgt. Deskjob - Hot Fuzz
Cha Young-goon - I'm a Cyborg But That's OK
Kayako Saeki - Ju-on/The Grudge
Harry Warden - My Bloody Valentine
Barbra - Night of the Living Dead
Phoenix - Phantom of the Paradise
Swan - Phantom of the Paradise
Mark Cohen - RENT
Amber Sweet - REPO!
Pavi Largo - REPO!
Shilo Wallace - REPO!
Amanda Young - Saw MOVED!
Gideon Graves - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World MOVED!
Dr. John Watson - Sherlock Holmes
Brad Majors - RHPS/Shock Treatment
Nation McKinley - Shock Treatment
Speed Racer - Speed Racer
Montgomery Scott - Star Trek
Dollface - The Strangers
Babydoll - Sucker Punch
Vera Gorski - Sucker Punch
Komori - Suicide Circle
Suzy Banyon - Suspiria
Mrs. Lovett - Sweeney Todd
Sang-hyun - Thirst
DG - Tin Man
Quorra - TRON: Legacy MOVED!
Anna Ivers - The Uninvited
Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Little Rock - Zombieland

Bernard Black - Black Books
Honey Kisaragi - Cutie Honey THE LIVE
Reckless Rick O'Brien - Crystal Maze
Willie Loomis - Dark Shadows
Donna Noble - Doctor Who MOVED!
Rose Tyler - Doctor Who
Todd Rivers - Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
Agent Ninety-Nine - Get Smart
WPC Annie Cartwright - Life on Mars
Howard Moon - The Mighty Boosh MOVED!
Belle - Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Raymond - Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast
Gwen Cooper - Torchwood
Dr. Girlfriend - The Venture Brothers
Go Mi-nyu/"Go Mi-nam" - You're Beautiful

Light Yagami - Death Note
Eli - Let the Right One In
Count Olaf - A Series of Unfortunate Events
Fiona Widdershins - A Series of Unfortunate Events
Ramona Flowers - Scott Pilgrim MOVED!
Rorschach - Watchmen

MISC. [other things, OCs, AUs, CRACK!!!!]
Wednesday Addams - The Addams Family (musical & film)
Captain EO - CAPTAIN EO!!!
Kuchisake-onna - Carved/Folklore/Crack
Donna Noble (age 17) - Doctor Who
Ashley J. Williams - Evil Dead: The Musical MOVED!
Ed - Evil Dead: The Musical
Annie Knowby - Evil Dead: The Musical
Sakuya Haibara - Fatal Frame 4
Ludwig von Siegfried - Get Smart/Crack
Bloody Mary - Halloween Horror Nights
Masky - Marble Hornets/CRACK
Random Dent - Mostly Harmless/And Another Thing...
Japanese Michael Scott - The Office/SNL/Crack
Aiko Kimura - REPO!
Carmine - REPO!/Crack
Celia Wallace-Blake - REPO!
DUKE - REPO!/Crack
Mari Suzuki - REPO!
Olivia Hewson - REPO!
Shilo Wallace (age 7) - REPO!
Shilo Wallace (future!AU) - REPO! MOVED!
Shilo Wallace (CRACK!) - REPO!/Crack
Riff Raff - The Rocky Horror Show (2009)
Ringo Starr - Walk Hard

Feel free to request any of them! I'll make new accounts.

» Mrs. Lovett
» Phoenix
» Nation McKinley
» Brad Majors
» Vera Gorski
» Todd Rivers
» Reckless Rick O'Brien


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